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Example International Relations Dissertations

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Media Violence and its Effect on Youths

This research is trying to find out what is the university students’ perception towards media violence on youths in Malaysia is because the media has…

Impact of 9/11 on the US and Middle East

This dissertation analyses US foreign policy towards the Middle Eastin the wake of the 9/11 attacks and whether US intervention in the region has been…

Management of Multinational Companies

The topic of this paper is the staffing management in the multinational companies by using qualitative research method. In this report, what kind of…

Relationship between India and the USA

This piece of work tries to study the relations of one superpower and another emerging power in international order. The relations of India-US have…

History and Influences on South East Asia

Aim is to examine the current politico-economic influences in South east Asia and recommend measures for India to significantly expand its politico…

EGovernment: History, Causes and Trends

The scope of this project is to analyze how the meaning of eGovernment has evolved in the past few years and then review the current trends in…

Chinese Kongsi Clan

The objectives of this study have been first, to describe and analyses the Chinese kongsi activities in Penang between 1820 and 1957 to show how the…

Analysis of China as a Superpower

The writer will look at China’s potential superpower status using the neo-realist theory and its conceptual and methodological framework.

China’s String of Pearls Strategy

This paper seeks to study and analyse the impact of China’s string of pearls policy on the energy security of the world’s major players in general and…